Reasons To Use Stainless Steel Products

  • Cleanliness Is Maintained in the Product Being Transported.
  • Prevention of Contamination of that Product From Small Particles or Rust & Scale.
  • Resists Corrosive Attack From Hundreds of Industrial and Chemical Solutions or Mixtures.
  • Greater Strength at Elevated Temperatures.
  • Cryogenic Service (Superior Mechanical Properties at Sub-Zero Temperatures).
  • Retains Lustrous Appearance Indefinitely.
150# Stainless Steel cast pipe fittinhs
Stainless steel buttweld and 3m fittings

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Products

  • Most All Process Piping  Applications Are Determined by Engineering on a Specific Job or Situation.
  • Engineering Determines the Type of Product Being Transported in the System Combined With Pressure Ratings, Temperature of Material and Line Pressure.
  • With This Information, Engineering Will Determine the Bill of Material Requirements for the Specific Job or Situation.
  • Primary Day to Day Requirements will Utilize Either 304 or 316 Material (Garden Variety).
  • All 300 Series Stainless PVF Products are Furnished as Dual Certified (Combined Physical Strength Requirements of Straight Grade-Tensile 75,000 Min, Yield 30,000 Min. with Chemical Requirements of Low-Carbon - Less then .035% Carbon Content/Higher Nickel Content) with the Exception of Items Produced From Secondary Metal (150 LB Fittings & Valves).
  • Demand (and Supply) for Stainless Steel PVF Continues to Increase Worldwide.


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